The Internet is the great leveler. Everybody can get in on the act, from the smallest retailer to the largest manufacturer but it cannot be done without the proper planning and expertise.

Planning an online experience? Visit JSW Solutions in Jamison, PA

At JSW Solutions we:

  1. Identify the elements unique to your business for a successful web presence.
  2. Develop a web strategy that maximizes your bottom line results.
  3. Manage timely implementation and delivery with quality processes.
  4. Remain involved with the customer after implementation for follow-up and maintenance issues

Questions to ask yourself when planning your website:

  1. Does your website reflect your current strategy and objectives?
  2. Is the website meeting the demands and expectations of your customers today? 
  3. Do your visitors understand the value you offer and have a clear picture of your products and services?
  4. Can your visitors find what they are looking for easily while navigating through your site?

Our goal is to provide you with a well designed website that is easy to navigate. Studies show that a simple architecture keeps customers coming back to your site. Customers dislike dealing with sites that require a direction manual in order to move through them.

Planning properly initially, will guarantee the success of your project and make your customer’s first impression a lasting, memorable one.

During Planning we ask:
Who? – What? – Where? – When? – Why?
Requirements questions which gain important facts necessary to achieve excellence.

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