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A bar code label of twelve characters can be wanded in approximately the time it takes a keyboard operator to make two keystrokes.


For every 1,000 characters typed by a keyboard operator, there are an average of ten keying errors. For an Optical Character Reader (OCR), there is one error in every 10,000 reads. With wands, barcode systems approach one error in every 3,000,000 characters, and with laser technology, they approach one error in 70 million entries.

Data Integrity

Probable number of substitution errors per    3,400,000 characters

Data Entry Method Errors
Keyboard Entry


OCR Scanning


Barcode scanning (Code 39)


Ease of Implementation

Operators of bar code scanners can learn to use the equipment effectively in less than 15 minutes. System costs are lower than other means of data entry because of the existence of interfacing hardware and software. Barcode labels can cost less than a penny apiece, are easily read by thousands of commonly available devices, and can be printed universally.

Cost Effectiveness

Barcode systems have a demonstrated payback period of six to eighteen months, and they provide the highest level of reliability in a wide variety of data collection applications. Barcode systems create value not only by saving time, but also by preventing costly errors.

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